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Beginner Level

Beginner Level

Working from the foundation of breath, the strength of the core, and the generous plie, the Beginner level class consists of exercises that introduce the body to the fundamental articulation and awareness of the spine related to the head, the pelvis, and our connection to the floor through our feet.

Once the simple awareness of the head rolling up and down the spine is established, the plie is added to the process. In doing so, the foundation begins to settle into place, creating the environment for additional elements to enter into the picture: the hands, arms, legs, and of course, the movement of the pelvis in space.

In the Beginner level, the additional elements – specifically hand and arms – work very symmetrically in that each arm maintains an identical pattern of movement. This symmetry allows the foundation – the spine, the pelvis, and the plie – to establish itself as a confident support system for the movement being created.

Once this support system is firmly in place, it will be time to move the foundation through space as it explores the new challenges of weight shift and the ability of the plie to support the changes coming its way. During this time, the rest of the body – hands, arms, legs and torso – is given the freedom to explore its new surroundings and express itself through the movements originating from the class vocabulary at the beginning of class.

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