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Advanced Level

Advanced Level

This level is an extension of the process originating with the Beginner level as it continues through the Intermediate level and upward through the evolutionary ladder of the complexity of the Advanced class.

Taking all the elements of the previous two levels, the Advanced level’s most apparent difference is its canon of the hands and arms and the creativity generated by the hands after the arms have gone into the canon. In other words, the coordination of the arms moving in canon in the Intermediate class rises to a higher level of complexity when those same canon arms go off into different individual tangents.

The hands, which are now performing different tasks, take the level of multitasking to such complex levels that the rest of the body must make the physical adjustments in a matter of an instant. This additional activity asks so much more from the entire support system since the plie will now have to take full responsibility for the torsions created by the different paths each hand has taken.

The end result is a movement vocabulary that has developed from the impetus generated from the hands and arms and now has the potential to spiral into higher levels of complexity and expressivity. This demonstrates the ultimate respect and responsibility for a body that continues to have the same authority of providing support for an intense, creative movement generated from one simple hand gesture.