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Structure and Levels

There are three distinct levels in AML: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Each class has, at its foundation, the movement principles and concepts stated in the description of Shifting Roots. At the same time, each class has differences relating directly to its respective level.

Creation of Classes

In the process of creating each level, there is an inherent goal of incorporating the use of the arms while standing, into the movement going toward the floor. In doing this, the movement themes of the arms and hands create connective tissue for the entire class. The final result is a class that moves in and out of the floor with a thread of the thematic arms and hands, giving the class structure a multilayered depth of movement.

All floor work is structured with the collaboration and creative help of the assistant. The final design and focus of the entire class is also a collaborative effort that strives to stay in tune with a dancer’s need for the positive energies needed in any learning experience.

Class Purpose with Reference to its Design

All classes are designed with the intention of creating somatic awareness patterns between the body structure and the floor. This allows the body to discover the natural impulses originating from a solid and stable, yet sensitive foundation.

Repetition of movement vocabulary gives the dancer the possibility of getting acquainted with pathways throughout the body, providing the dancer with a direct connection to the earth. Once the roots of the relationship are established, the pelvis can then shift through space with the freedom and power of knowing its roots are anchored deeply into the floor.

After this foundation is secured, the dancer has an easier path to locating the energy sources that can generate movement organically through the body and out into space when tapped.

In the end, everything comes full circle as the dancer now has a clear purpose and destination – freedom of the body to move with power, focus, and artistry.