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“The Online Beginner’s course in Shifting Roots has been an uplifting new experience of dancing, integrating more and more a natural fluidity into movements which I was looking for after having had to pause any training due to health issues. It feels healthy and joyful to practice. Both my body and mind appreciate the gentle approach with the flowing balance of tension and release in the exercises.

Joe has such a friendly, humorous and sensitive way to explain and correct while Blanka shows all the movements in great detail, gracefully and with lots of patience. Being able to finish with a beautiful little choreography at the end of the course with all of us dancing together on the screen left me feeling connected, content and joyful.

Thank you for this experience, I am looking forward to continue!”

– Heike-Alice

“I am so happy that I attended a Shifting Roots workshop at ImPulsTanz Dance Festival in Vienna and got to know Joe and Blanka. They have such great passion for teaching and dancing. I love the way of moving, the flowing and swinging. Everything feels very natural and dynamic. There are these small details that tell us to imagine, and suddenly a movement has a deeper meaning. Thank you for staying connected and dance online even in these troubled times.”

– Kirsten

“Shifting root gives a new and vivid experience of lived body by intelligent and precise building the basic principles of Joe Alegado movement language. Once rooted, the dancer has a beautiful experience of colorful hand gestures, shifting pelvis, sensitive and juicy plié and breath awareness which results in the release of tension in the body, confident weight and pelvis shifting and smooth and powerful mo(ve)ment.

I have been taking classes for more than 15 years, over and over again, because I enjoy every second of it. I am patient and always eager to learn more and to be creatively engaged with my body and mind. If I look from somatic angle, than I can say that Shifting Roots gives my body and mind that kind of «tonic flow», that feeling that I have at the moment I move either dance. That feeling gives me everything what I need at that moment.

Shifting Roots (or dance with Joe and Blanka) is a happy dance for me, very integrated movement which gives me stability, vigor and flow. The body in that moment has the capacity to renew itself through movement. Everything is happening quite organically there.

It is soul work. After the class I feel happy and reinvented. Thank you for that.”

– Sandra

“I am grateful and lucky that my first dance class was with Joe. At that time, without any dance foundations, I was deeply attracted by his movement. I sensed some kind of fantastic energy flow in his class – subtle, natural as breathing. Joe’s teaching is keen, patient and thorough.

It has become a ritual for me to come to his workshop every year, and every time I could enjoy more and understand more with his movement language.

Even greater, we have also online courses, thanks to Joe’s work with Blanka, we can also communicate and practice effectively and conveniently in these special times.”

– Yifeng